Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Changes at Aunt Maudie's Attic

     We have a new announcement to make at Aunt Maudie's Attic in Seguin, Texas-- we've added a new booth.  A fellow vendor who had the front window space (across from the Curious Boys) moved to another town so we got her space along with the space we already have (which is/was packed to the gills!).
       Since we're the view a customer sees when they look to the right upon entering the shop, we put our awesome primitive, chippy cupboard and a buck (that wasn't so lucky) to great our customers.
      As you round the corner, we used one of my favorite finds this summer, an industrial wire rack to show off some of our industrial goods and give a little peak inside the booth.
   Inside the booth we added some vintage garden metal like this fantastic turquoise motel chair.  Just barely in camera view is our cool cast aluminum love seat.
    A cute vintage blow mold Santa and rusty metal "fun" also aline the inside of our space.
     In case you didn't 'bag' the BIG one this year, we'll let you buy this one and claim you did! (we promise not to tell!) :)

   We took advantage of newly created room in our original booth to add this fun pale yellow vanity and the awesome mirror above it.
                                     We still have lots of great vintage Christmas items for sale.
         We put an old screen door on the back wall to showcase Elaine's son, Dan Reinhard's fantastic coat racks he created with antique bead board, reclaimed from a train depot being torn down.
Another new piece in our old booth is this cool shelf made from old pallet wood.

This is a different view of our new space.

We hope if you're in the Seguin, Texas area you'll stop by Aunt Maude's Attic
and shop with all the wonderful vendors at the shop.
     (We want to give a BIG shout out and thanks to Glenn and Joe AKA The Curious Boys for helping us with our booth! We love you guys!)

Betsy and Elaine

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas- Vintage Style

     Whether it's a modern Christmas or a country Christmas or a traditional or (non traditional) Christmas or a vintage Christmas, I just LOVE this time of year.   I have evolved over the years from decorating my house to look like a full out Christmas shop to getting the basic tree and a little garland in place due to careers and circumstances, but no matter what, I love all the looks, smells and sounds of Christmas.  Most importantly, I never forget the TRUE meaning of Christmas, the birth of my Saviour, Jesus Christ.   Many years ago, I bought a cute framed sign at a Peddler's show that said, "My house may be filled with Santas but my heart is filled with Jesus".
I know a blow mold Nativity is pretty cheesy, but it can be an expression of our faith.

       Even before I got in this crazy antiquing/junking business, I loved vintage and my grandma's little Mica village under the tree was one of my favorites.  Sadly I don't have any pictures of her little scene, but I did inherit the village which is now deteriorated and gone.  I am always on the search for mica houses and if I'm fortunate enough to find any for a good price I buy them.  Last year, I created little domed village scenes with them and sold all.

This year Sisters' Treasures decked our shop and booths with vintage Christmas and soon my home will follow.  Here's a few pictures from our various spaces:
At Vintage Market Home and Garden in Uvalde, Texas we a little pastel Christmas going on.
Also at the Vintage Market I stole  rather "borrowed" this idea from Pinterest
This one is from Pinterest... (link is above)
This is another one of our versions of the toy truck Christmas!

This scene is from our cottage at Fredericksburg Trade Days.  Can you remember when the ceramic trees were popular (back in the 70's I think)?  Well, the popularity has resurged again.  We've sold all but this one (which will be available this weekend after Thanksgiving at Trade Days). :)
We have a great selection of vintage Shiny Brites and vintage ornaments at Trade Days.
Aluminum tinsel trees from the 50's and 60's are still in HIGH demand and we have this one (you just need to find a color wheel light). This is at Aunt Maudie's Attic
Also at the Attic are darling lace stockings Elaine created along with these cool burlap and lace bags and the awesome repurposed bead board coat rack that her son Dan Reinhard made.

I know I should be blogging about Thanksgiving and I do want to thank God for all the blessings He has given Elaine and me with this fun business and to our families. I pray He blesses your families also.  This is "The Season" in the retail world so we're getting you in the Christmas spirit, Vintage style!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
Betsy and Elaine

Monday, October 28, 2013

Rusted Gingham Barn Sale---- Here We Come!

   For the third year, Elaine and I are taking Sisters' Treasures on the road to Gonzales, Texas.  We will be vendors again at the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale this coming Friday and Saturday, November, 1 & 2.   Suzanne Sexton and friends have been doing this sale for five years and have continued to grow with new vendors and more customers.
        It's set at the JB Wells Showbarn which will also be hosting a youth rodeo.  You can find more info about it at their Facebook page or on the Rusted Gingham webpage.  Suzanne was on Great Day SA last Friday to promote the show.  You can watch her segment here.
       Here are some pictures of our booth last year:
   We had lots of Christmas things and they were a big hit.
   We also took some garden things and sold a few of those items:
  We also do well sellling frames:
  The following pictures are from our first show at The Barn Sale in 2011.  We had lots of Christmas there also and sold a LOT of it.
 We sold this cute bistro set first thing.
We also had a great collection of vintage holiday clothes.

Here is Elaine getting our check out counter ready.
The two wild and crazy sisters who love to "dress in true "BE Original" style.

I hope if you are anywhere near Gonzales either Friday evening or Saturday, you'll come by the Rusted Gingham Barn Sale and be sure and come say "Hi!"... 

Betsy and Elaine

Monday, October 7, 2013

Zapp Antique Show At Warrenton in Review

  This is how our show (or rather Pre-show) started out, with a blank tent at the biggest Antique show in Texas and specifically at the most fun show within a show, Zapp Hall Antique Show.   We along with some paid workers, unloaded three trailers.
Instrumental in getting our major set up done was Elaine's son, Dan Reinhard (in the aqua shirt in the above picture) who graciously took off a day of work to help us set up our tent.  My vision was to have our tent be like a French Brocante (or flea market), where people could wonder through our pathways to see the different wares we were offering.  We have such diversity in our stash, I thought maybe (just maybe) this would give it some assemblance of order!  I had one lady comment half way through the show that it reminded her of a French Flea Market, so I tried to contain the Happy Dance in front of her but gushed to Elaine.......... At least someone "gets it"! 

These are pictures of our vintage, industrial, primitive section.  The cool work table with the aqua drawers sold and nearly all the deer horns sold.
We also had our painted furniture section which got switched around some after selling some pieces.
In this picture, we sold quite a bit.  The little green table and the primitive aqua cupboard.  Also the white bureau sold and the frame on the blue table found a new home.

This gorgeous buffet in Annie Sloan Paris grey sold.
A new home was found for this camel top wardrobe.

    We had a red section which included Christmas treasures.

The twin Santa's sold to the same person.  I'm guessing they're planning a Santa reunion! ha!

What we hoped would sell was what we billed as our "Show Stopper"!! It did get a lot of attention, but I guess the price was a little too steep or perhaps the size, since it's over 7 feet long.  It is a beautiful display cubby from some store in San Antonio. (I wish we knew more history, but I guess we'll have to make it up! ha!)

Our most popular category was garden and patio metal, in particular, chairs.  We sold three sets, plus several solo chairs and one glider and bird cages.
We're already on the lookout for vintage patio furniture and accents for the Spring! So look out... we're on the prowl! 

Thanks for "coming" along on my tour of our Vintage Brocante Show.

Monday, September 23, 2013

An Update and Last Minute Musings

      First of all, I wanted to give everyone an update on Elaine's husband, Ray's surgery.  If you didn't read my previous post, I'll briefly recap.  Ray went for a routine physical and from the x rays taken on his lungs they found a mass on both lungs.  One was benign, but the other shows cancer so on Sept. 19th Ray had surgery at Scott and White Hospital in Temple.  They had to remove part of his lung and were able to remove the mass.  Some of his lymp nodes are being tested for cancer and that result is still upcoming.
     Ray made it through a five plus hour surgery ok but was in extreme pain after (as one can imagine just thinking about surgeons cutting open your chest).  On Saturday, Ray had trouble breathing so he was put in ICU and a breathing tube was placed down his throat.   Again, Elaine said the pain was terrible and he could only use a I Pad to communicate.   That afternoon after God sent some of their close friends from Brady to visit, he took a turn for the better.
     Today (Sunday), I'll post what Elaine reported on Facebook:
Another day of progress for Ray. Doctors removed the breathing tube as well as the chest tube. Both of these being removed makes it easier for Ray to move better while in bed. He still has assisted breathing and O2 level is great. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring and PRAISING GOD for the hurdles that were overcome today.

      Elaine and Ray and his family and ours cannot thank everyone enough for all their prayers and thoughts while he is going through this.  Please realize, your prayers have helped more than you know.  We continue to ask for prayers for good results of NO cancer anywhere else and quick and steady healing for Ray and comfort and strength for Elaine and Ray's daughters, Catherine and Angela.
I wanted to share a fun picture of Ray and Elaine at the Trade Days Prom last year! Aren't they "they pair"?

      This past weekend I just finished up Fredericksburg Trade Days and feel rather exhausted as I tried to also finish packing this for our BIG show this starting Sept. 27th at Zapp Hall in Warrenton, Texas.

       Tuesday, is move in day with the help of Elaine's son, Dan Reinhard.  Then I'm excited to have several fantastic friends in this biz help me out.  On Friday and Saturday, Lori Allen and hopefully Sheryl Westerman (both from Trade Days) are coming to help and will have some of their fantastic paper creations and jewelry for sale.  Then on Sunday and some days the following week, Lisa Love Harris of The Garden Cat will be helping me and bringing her fantastic murder mystery book and some of her treasures to sell.  The last weekend, my friends from Hondo, Sharon and Doug Schueling are coming to help and then hall back my RV......  Am I blessed or what??  I cannot express my gratitude enough for these special friends.   Not to mention, so many others have offered their support and the ladies of Zapp Hall, Cheryl LeHane and her sister, Karen and their Sister/friend, Deela have offered to help.  I feel so grateful and humble and give God the praise.
       I hope to see you at Zapp between Sept. 27th and Oct. 5th.


Thursday, September 19, 2013


   Guess what, it's one week and one day from the Greatest show on Dirt (as Debbie from Talking Trash often said in her blog) of the biggest show in Texas that happens twice a year in the little towns of Warrenton and Round Top and several other small towns as well.  It's been called "Antique Week" but as time has gone by it has morphed into a longer and unorthodox show consisting of dozens of "shows" within this big show.
      In the "official" news magazine, Show Daily they do a great job of including every venue and highlighting when each show starts plus which vendors are at the different shows.
     This Fall, we (mainly me dragging Elaine along) decided to do the Fall show and debated about which Venue to set up at.  Our friends, Diane and Roger, owners of Blends- in Georgetown have set up at Zapp Hall along with our friend Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage so we applied and got one of the last spaces they had.

We got excited and started focusing our purchases on things for the show, then Elaine's husband Ray got a report from a routine check-up that a spot or mass showed up on a chest X-Ray that Elaine insisted he get.  After several tests, they actually saw a spot on both lungs but one was the bigger concern.  As more tests and procedures were set up, plans started to change about the show.  The surgery to remove the mass was set for September 19th with 3 to 5 days in the hospital and then bed rest at home.  It became obvious that Elaine couldn't do the show, so while I was on vacation in Maine, I started praying and contemplating and determining whether I would do the show alone or cancel on the kind ladies who run the Zapp show.  
After a lot of prayer and evaluating everything, I decided to go ahead and do the show with the support of Elaine and our many wonderful Antique business friends and family.  I had envisioned a theme for the show for a while and ran it by Elaine and we decided it would be a good way to showcase our diverse inventory.
We're calling our space the Vintage Brocante.

I have never been to a French Brocante (flea market) but I've read lots of blogs of those who have attended some and in my mind, I see our space as little streets of Paris with various antique and vintage wares displayed for sale.  Here are some images I found online of vendor spaces at a French brocante:
The second picture is courtesy Tongue in Cheek

I hope it comes out like I imagine it or at least the shopper will hopefully get the feel and excitement of the vignettes we plan to set up and more importantly the GREAT goods we'll have for sale.
I am so grateful for family and friends stepping in to help like Elaine's son, Dan Reinhard who is taking off a day from work to help me unload the trailers and set up the booth next Tuesday.  Our friend, Lisa Love Harris of The Garden Cat is going to help me and a few others have volunteered plus we have some names of people who we may hire to help.  Along with all of that, Elaine's husband Ray has told her that he should be ok if she wants to come over part of the time to help (but that will definitely be a wait and see).

So, it's really about Perspective which according to Word Reference.com has one meaning that says:
  1. the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivitytry to get some perspective on your troubles.
      When we weigh our situations, it's best to keep things in perspective and to remember 
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28.

    Blessing to all and if you read this post before tomorrow morning, June 19th, we thank you for any and all prayers for a successful surgery that takes around 7:30 AM.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Road Trip to Maine

     My sweet sister and business partner, Elaine Reinhard-Lang agreed to accompany me on a cross country trip to Maine from Texas to deliver my boyfriend's truck to him.  Our younger sister, Arlene Marshall wasn't able to go on this sister's trip this time but hopefully on our next adventure we'll all get to go.
      In case you're wondering, that trip was over 2400 miles and we made it in two and a half days and managed as only junk dealers do to work in a couple shopping exits!
Our first night was spent in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, so being the ever vigilant junker, Elaine asked the attendent at the gas station if there were any thrift stores near by.  Guess what?? There just happened to be this America's Thrift store about a quarter mile from the station!  We managed to buy some vintage costume jewelry items, some was even on SALE!   We got a few other items and were on our way.
We made it all the way to Tennessee before the next urge hit us!  A small sign on the interstate said Sweetwater, Tennessee Antique district.  We looked at each other and decided it was time for a "rest" break!
We found this giant antique shop located in an old warehouse and it was like candy to a sweet addict!  The shop was owned by two people but the way it was laid out and the amount of great merchandise made us think it was a mall.  The prices were very fair and it's just a shame we were both flying back to Texas because it was tempting to buy a lot.  We fell in love with a vintage folding shopping cart and couldn't refuse the fair discount the owner gave us.  We figured where there's a will there's a way, so we weren't even concerned about getting it home (foolish us!).
Torrential rains throughout Virginia the next day put a stop to further shopping.  By that time, we were getting very tired of that Dodge Dakota truck and just wanted to get to Maine.  We did stop one more night in Virginia and then drove through eight states before making it to Maine.  I love the rolling hills of Virginia and Pennsylvania but the rain kept us from doing much car window sight seeing.  We did get a kick out of this exit in Hartford, Conneticuit... wondering if it was intentional to put an asylum exit with a state capitol exit.
Speaking of the capitol of Conneticuit, it looks like a fairy tale castle (but I'm wondering how many fairy tales take place inside)! ha!

Once in Maine, Elaine only had a few days before flying home, so we had to cram in some sight seeing AND antique shopping.  On Sunday, we took her to a great antique/vintage auction in Burnham, Maine and we almost had to pull her away to get her to leave! ha!  We were both wishing we had a U Haul instead on a plane ticket to go home.  Elaine won the bid on a huge box lot of vintage Christmas decorations for an unbelievable price.
Here are some of the most unusual (and valuable) mercury glass ornaments she uncovered in one of her boxes.

Here's a few other items we got at the auction and on our trip.
We were in envy of this fellow who's truck was loaded down with treasures, Beverly Hillbillies style.  In fact we found out we weren't the only Texans at this auction, but we didn't get to meet the other fellow Texan (or else we probably would have asked if he had any room to take back some of our purchases)!
In case you're wondering why we drove the truck to Maine I'll briefly explain that my boyfriend is originally from there and decided after retirement that he can't take the Texas heat anymore so he moved back.  For now this will be a LONG distance relationship, but on the plus side, I get to make trips to Maine and do some shopping! ha!
We did take Elaine to the coast twice so she could see the beautiful Maine fishing towns.
Here she is in Belfast, Maine at the dock that was filled with sail boats and lobster boats.
Elaine and I are standing in front of the Rockland lighthouse.  It was a LONG walk on uneven granite slabs to get there, but it was worth it.

Just so you'll know, this is my guy, Willie.  He is NOT into antiques but was a great sport and took us to the auction and some yard sales.

Remember the cart I mentioned we bought in Tennessee?  Well who would have thought it would be such an ordeal to mail (and so expensive) but it was.  Part of the problem (and it's a good problem for a junker) was that Willie's niece and I bartered scrapbooking supplies for two awesome warehouse carts.  We had to figure out how to get all three home.  In case, you're wondering after going to the post office, UPS and even calling the airlines to see if I could check it, we found out Greyhound Bus Co. is the best and least expensive way to ship bulky items.
Here's our package which amazing arrived in San Antonio, Texas undamaged.  Here's what we went through all that trouble to ship:
Awesome, right?

I apologize for this long synopsis of our trip, but I hope enjoyed going with us on our trip.