Monday, September 9, 2013

Road Trip to Maine

     My sweet sister and business partner, Elaine Reinhard-Lang agreed to accompany me on a cross country trip to Maine from Texas to deliver my boyfriend's truck to him.  Our younger sister, Arlene Marshall wasn't able to go on this sister's trip this time but hopefully on our next adventure we'll all get to go.
      In case you're wondering, that trip was over 2400 miles and we made it in two and a half days and managed as only junk dealers do to work in a couple shopping exits!
Our first night was spent in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, so being the ever vigilant junker, Elaine asked the attendent at the gas station if there were any thrift stores near by.  Guess what?? There just happened to be this America's Thrift store about a quarter mile from the station!  We managed to buy some vintage costume jewelry items, some was even on SALE!   We got a few other items and were on our way.
We made it all the way to Tennessee before the next urge hit us!  A small sign on the interstate said Sweetwater, Tennessee Antique district.  We looked at each other and decided it was time for a "rest" break!
We found this giant antique shop located in an old warehouse and it was like candy to a sweet addict!  The shop was owned by two people but the way it was laid out and the amount of great merchandise made us think it was a mall.  The prices were very fair and it's just a shame we were both flying back to Texas because it was tempting to buy a lot.  We fell in love with a vintage folding shopping cart and couldn't refuse the fair discount the owner gave us.  We figured where there's a will there's a way, so we weren't even concerned about getting it home (foolish us!).
Torrential rains throughout Virginia the next day put a stop to further shopping.  By that time, we were getting very tired of that Dodge Dakota truck and just wanted to get to Maine.  We did stop one more night in Virginia and then drove through eight states before making it to Maine.  I love the rolling hills of Virginia and Pennsylvania but the rain kept us from doing much car window sight seeing.  We did get a kick out of this exit in Hartford, Conneticuit... wondering if it was intentional to put an asylum exit with a state capitol exit.
Speaking of the capitol of Conneticuit, it looks like a fairy tale castle (but I'm wondering how many fairy tales take place inside)! ha!

Once in Maine, Elaine only had a few days before flying home, so we had to cram in some sight seeing AND antique shopping.  On Sunday, we took her to a great antique/vintage auction in Burnham, Maine and we almost had to pull her away to get her to leave! ha!  We were both wishing we had a U Haul instead on a plane ticket to go home.  Elaine won the bid on a huge box lot of vintage Christmas decorations for an unbelievable price.
Here are some of the most unusual (and valuable) mercury glass ornaments she uncovered in one of her boxes.

Here's a few other items we got at the auction and on our trip.
We were in envy of this fellow who's truck was loaded down with treasures, Beverly Hillbillies style.  In fact we found out we weren't the only Texans at this auction, but we didn't get to meet the other fellow Texan (or else we probably would have asked if he had any room to take back some of our purchases)!
In case you're wondering why we drove the truck to Maine I'll briefly explain that my boyfriend is originally from there and decided after retirement that he can't take the Texas heat anymore so he moved back.  For now this will be a LONG distance relationship, but on the plus side, I get to make trips to Maine and do some shopping! ha!
We did take Elaine to the coast twice so she could see the beautiful Maine fishing towns.
Here she is in Belfast, Maine at the dock that was filled with sail boats and lobster boats.
Elaine and I are standing in front of the Rockland lighthouse.  It was a LONG walk on uneven granite slabs to get there, but it was worth it.

Just so you'll know, this is my guy, Willie.  He is NOT into antiques but was a great sport and took us to the auction and some yard sales.

Remember the cart I mentioned we bought in Tennessee?  Well who would have thought it would be such an ordeal to mail (and so expensive) but it was.  Part of the problem (and it's a good problem for a junker) was that Willie's niece and I bartered scrapbooking supplies for two awesome warehouse carts.  We had to figure out how to get all three home.  In case, you're wondering after going to the post office, UPS and even calling the airlines to see if I could check it, we found out Greyhound Bus Co. is the best and least expensive way to ship bulky items.
Here's our package which amazing arrived in San Antonio, Texas undamaged.  Here's what we went through all that trouble to ship:
Awesome, right?

I apologize for this long synopsis of our trip, but I hope enjoyed going with us on our trip.


  1. I love the barter system because you got some great carts. See you soon, T

  2. Thanks for writing again, Betsy. It was a fun adventure, but next time I am flying both ways.

  3. 2400 miles!!! You kids are crazy...I would have needed the asylum exit for sure lol! Great finds, I have heard that Grey hound is the cheapest...You confirmed it!


  4. We've used the greyhound bus station to ship things back from Brimfield Massachusetts to San Antonio as well. It was easy and the most economical way. We had to take it to Springfield Mass, but it was so worth the 30 mile drive.

  5. And what a find at the auction.