Saturday, June 30, 2012

In Seach of a Flea (Market that is!)

 (This is Betsy). Today, Mom and I took a little adventure trip to the hill country (of Texas) to a small town called Center Point (big rivals to my high school of D'Hanis ISD). We were on a quest to check out a new flea market we had been told about and even contemplated participating in. It was their first show and one of the vendors even posted on Craigslist to advertise (good move!).

When we got to the town I turned the opposite direction not knowing the town, on Hwy 27 and per chance, found a little flea market going on at some storage units.

  This is where I found this cool dolly (hand truck).  Based on what I could find out online about it, it's probably from the 30's or 40's and in good shape and VERY heavy.

About 20 vendors were set up there, some with some cool vintage and antique items, but Mom needed a "pit stop" so we left them for another time.  One vendor said they are open every weekend, so I feel it would be worth another trip to shop again. Check them out if you're in the neighborhood or looking for a nice drive in the hill country.

Of course, I didn't think to take any pictures of the flea market or town, but that's par for the course for this NON photographer! I did find this picture online of one of the cool old buildings in their old downtown area.

We did find the Flea Market that we had made the trip for, at the opposite end of the town still on Hwy 27.  This was their very first time to be open, so there were not a lot of vendors or shoppers when we got there around 1:30 pm.  I didn't see a name for this even but was told by one of the people in charge that they plan to be open one weekend a month on Saturday and Sunday.  Elaine knows the owners and had been told by them that at least to start they were offering very cheap rates on a space.  Something like $10 for a 10 x 10 space (but don't hold me to that!).

There I bought a battenberg lace tablecloth and a wisk broom and 2 shoe brushes. I don't know why, but I love the look of old brooms and brushes.

This is what we almost bought for my brother's man cave:
One of the vendors had closed a restaurant and they had LOTS of restaurant equipment and supplies for fantastic prices.  This cool bar was only $45 but sadly, it would not fit in our car so we had to pass.
They are open tomorrow also, so if you want to check them out, I thought the prices were very cheap  er.. low.. like garage sale low!  The only thing is, there were only about 10 vendors so you might want to wait until next time.  According to some vendors I spoke to, they are still trying to determine which weekend next month they will have it.

I hope they succeed because I admire anyone who is brave enough to start a venture like this in today's economy.  Plus it's another fun place for us junkers to explore if you live in our area!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Part 2 FTD's Vendors: Old Gold and Salvaged

 My sweet friend Patty Jett, proprietor of Old Gold sells both at Fredericksburg Trade Days (in a little cottage across from Sisters Treasures) and she is a partner in a fantastic new specialty antique boutique in Uvalde, Tx. called The Vintage Market- Garden and Home. 

Patty along with her daughter, Megan (owner of the amazing vintage/midcentury busienss- Salvaged ) are amazing stagers of vignettes with their merchandise.
Patty has a great eye and amzing talent for finding garden and industrial pieces.
There are lots of cool pieces in this vignette.

I bet Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage would love this metal awning! The price is great also $72.  I expect this great architectural piece to go quickly.

It's fun to see how we vendors "trade" our merchandise.  This awesome midcentury sectional once belonged to us and now can below to you!

This is just one of several fantastic scenes that Patty created at Fredericksburg Trade Days this past weekend.  She sold a lot of these items, but you can contact her through their facebook Vintage Market page for details.
I'll just let the next few pictures do the "talking":

and finally, for the finale, I saved an amazing piece that Patty found and sold to a very special couple (who many would know if I said their name but I think that should remain private).
If you have the chance to shop with them in Uvalde, Tx, by all means plan to or at Trade Days each month.  Also, Megan has a cool Etsy shop, called Salvagedspace and Facebook Salvaged.
  Betsy of Sisters Treasures

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cool Vendors at a Hot June Trade Days

    We finished our June Trade Days at Fredericksburg and I have to admit it wasn't our best show, but not our worst, but what sums up the theme for most at the show was HOT! The weather that is! The thermometers said 92 -- 94 during the show and that is hot, but with the humidity it felt like 102 to 104! Ugh!
      Elaine and I did enjoy the show and were very grateful to all our customers who braved the heat to shop with us and our fellow vendors.
    One thing that makes the show one we look forward to each month is our seeing our friends (fellow vendors) and looking at the treasures they brought.  I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of those vendors who are our "neighbors" and friends and show you the fantastic displays and items they had for sale.
Love the name of their shop!

      First up is The Junkyard Dog, owned by Deidra and Mike from Glen Rose, Tx.  Their mix is similar to ours which is probably why I'm so attracted to it.  Deidra also makes the most amazing jewelry out of vintage hardware and other finds.
Deidra will probably hate me for posting a pic with her eyes shut, but she's beautiful anyway, right?
Isn't her display on the vintage plant stand of her jewelry clever?
    Here are a few pictures of her booth.  I love her attention to detail.

Marrying this lamp with the vintage can is perfect. They're not attached but look great together.

She has a great eye for French Provincial and the wrought iron gate behind it is fantastic.

I love the old dress form, used to showcase her original jewelry

This was a great vignette.

These are just a few of the many vignettes and fantastic antiques and vintage wares that they offer.
I'll post another of my favorite vendor friend's shop tomorrow and our booth to follow.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Put a Petal to the Metal!

   There's this trend now for anything industrial and in particular anything metal, particularly, rusty metal. 
     Guess what??? Sisters' Treasures is on that bandwagon and so am I personally.
    Galvazined steel.....
  Back in the day, when this double wash tub was in use, I'm sure the woman or women who scrubbed their laundry in this never dreamed it would one day be a highly sought after piece of "art" for a garden or a party holding drinks,
Industrial metal
When Elaine and I saw this stool at a garage sale on our Sisters' vacation, we both knew we had to have it.  The guy who sold it to us said it belonged to the doctor his mother worked for and dates back about mid century.  The patina on the legs is one that age created and is nearly impossible to duplicate.  Now this stool will make a great seat in a kitchen or a patio bar or who knows??
Metal lawn chairs, motel chairs, 50's patio chairs.. whatever you want to call them, I have a "thing" for them and the old patina is the way I like them.
Wrought iron columns, once a bain of existance to those wanting to update their 50's style homes, now a sought after must have at antique shows.   The candlebra is one of two and a fav of mine.

I just love all forms of vintage metal, galvanized, wrought iron, enamel, tin, aluminum and of course the precious metals!  What about you? 

Betsy of Sisters Treasures

Friday, June 1, 2012

Gardening--It's in our blood!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been surrounded by flower gardens.  My mom's mom, (Oma to us grandkids) was an amazing flower and vegetable gardener.
  Here's my mom and grandmother (Oma) showing off an arrangement made from one of their flower beds.  (This picture was a pre-color photo).

     When we were young, my little sis, Arlene and I would stay with Oma for a week each summer and "help" (I use that term VERY loosely) with her gardens.  She'd show us when the carrots were ready and would pluck one fresh from the black soil, dust off that dirt and bite in, then share a bite with us.  How sweet.
       I wish I had pictures of those times but sadly we didn't have instant access to I Phones, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all those other goodies.   But, my grandma taught us to appreciate flowers and vegetables and berries fresh off the vine.  Oh what sweet innocent times.
     My mom definitely inherited her mother's green thumb. This picture is looking out at one of Mom's many gardens but sadly I didn't capture flowers, but believe me she always has some in bloom.
  When I was younger, I always told people that I inherited a "black" thumb and couldn't even 'grow' artificial plants, but I always loved looking at them and enjoying the sweet scent of fresh blooms.  After, my dad passed away and Mom had some health issues that prevented her from being as active as she used to be with gardening, I felt God blessed me with a love for gardening and an amazing family inherited 'green' thumb.  I started helping Mom garden and found a new joy in watching what I planted grow and bloom.
         I love that there is beauty even in imperfections like this rose from our garden.  This resonates to so many aspects of our lives, which is why I find gardening somewhat philosophical (or it's just a good excuse to wax poetic!).
        Of course, me being the antique/junker I am, I cannot garden without mixing in some fun garden junk both in the way of planters and good ole junk, objets d'art (which is probably an oxymoron, but let's not get technical!)  Now, let it be noted that both my mom and boyfriend DON'T get my vision of beauty in junk... BUT I'll excuse their lack of perception! lol.
      When I purchased this cool speckled enamel bowl, the seller apologized for the holes, but I merely replied that it was perfect for one of my succulent gardens.
    Succulents are not something that my Mom is into, but I have fallen in love with these easy to care for almost impossible to kill plants.  They're perfect for junk containers and I've had fun creating fun mini gardens with them.  Here are some of my results:

Colanders are great for drainage and the old aluminum tea kettle catches the excess water

My latest planting is using a large chicken feeder for lots of succulents.

I bought this chicken wire basket in Fredericksburg and always felt it should be a succulent planter... solution for holding dirt... just add moss!
                              An abandoned hibache grill worked perfectly as a cool junk planter.
One of my objet d'art... formerly a lamp base!
THis is one of my favorite garden projects that my sister, Arlene helped my with... My bed of flowers!
       This blog is also my tribute to my inspiration for gardening, my Mom, Evelyn, who celebrates her 88th birthday on Monday AND she still gardens! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Betsy of Sisters Treasures