Monday, June 18, 2012

Cool Vendors at a Hot June Trade Days

    We finished our June Trade Days at Fredericksburg and I have to admit it wasn't our best show, but not our worst, but what sums up the theme for most at the show was HOT! The weather that is! The thermometers said 92 -- 94 during the show and that is hot, but with the humidity it felt like 102 to 104! Ugh!
      Elaine and I did enjoy the show and were very grateful to all our customers who braved the heat to shop with us and our fellow vendors.
    One thing that makes the show one we look forward to each month is our seeing our friends (fellow vendors) and looking at the treasures they brought.  I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of those vendors who are our "neighbors" and friends and show you the fantastic displays and items they had for sale.
Love the name of their shop!

      First up is The Junkyard Dog, owned by Deidra and Mike from Glen Rose, Tx.  Their mix is similar to ours which is probably why I'm so attracted to it.  Deidra also makes the most amazing jewelry out of vintage hardware and other finds.
Deidra will probably hate me for posting a pic with her eyes shut, but she's beautiful anyway, right?
Isn't her display on the vintage plant stand of her jewelry clever?
    Here are a few pictures of her booth.  I love her attention to detail.

Marrying this lamp with the vintage can is perfect. They're not attached but look great together.

She has a great eye for French Provincial and the wrought iron gate behind it is fantastic.

I love the old dress form, used to showcase her original jewelry

This was a great vignette.

These are just a few of the many vignettes and fantastic antiques and vintage wares that they offer.
I'll post another of my favorite vendor friend's shop tomorrow and our booth to follow.

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  1. Love your header! Yes, she is gorgeous, even with her eyes closed! Thank you for posting pictures of her booth, I love looking at booths and stores, so many ideas and eye candy! Oh, and thank you for your always kind comments, a girl could get a big head if you keep it up LOL!


  2. I see many great treasures. Too bad you had to deal with the heat, maybe the trade days should open earlier, just a thought. Happy Junkin, T

  3. Great job of promoting all the wonderful talent at Trade Days!
    I love all you guys there. :-)


  4. The pearl necklace is adorable! I would love to have my pearl necklace wear that. I love the black pearl set, really wish we sent for it since it's sooo cute! big hoop earrings we bought about 1.5 months in advance since she probably won't grow too much in that time period.