Friday, January 27, 2012

Button, Button-Who has the Button? by Elaine

The thrill of Thrift Store shopping is never knowing what you might uncover. This week was one of those weeks that you blog about. Near my new residence is the small town of Staples (not the mega office store). On one occasion as we drove through the village I noticed the sign on the Community Center, "THRIFT STORE" Open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 1:00 to 4:00. So Tuesday was thrift store day!

With my granddaughter in tow, off we drove to Staples. We were eagerly greeted by the store keepers as they offered their assistance. Rummaging through their wares, Maddie and I uncovered a vintage 1940's Genuine Corde' handbag, plus some jazzy magenta "Maud Frizon" Italian leather, sling back heels. By the time we left, our basket was full with treasures!

It was good that we went on Tuesday, because at 2:00 AM Wednesday night the heavens opened and we received 7" of rain in five hours. The rain was very welcomed as we viewed the lake to the North beyond capacity. Then a walk to our low water crossing revealed what we did not want to see. Our culvert was 125 feet down stream as the water was rushing towards the lake in the north. All the gravel had also washed and we were stranded!

Being stranded meant that I had time to work on some new creations. So between loads of laundry, I created some cute pocket necklace bags. They are just the right size for money and a cell phone while you are out shopping.

Once we were able to cross, we headed to Seguin, near our home, and Ray graciously agreed to stop by two thrift stores. This is where I found a great supply of "BUTTONS"!

This is a small sample of my find. They are sorted and ready to take to Fredericksburg Trade Days. In addition, some of my finds included vintage fabric, sewing supplies, and two great suitcases. Suitcases make such great storage containers!

I also found these two daisy votive candle holders, red splatterware kettle and colorful, floral print.

This is Elaine, the other sister, and my first time to blog, so be kind as well as helpful with your comments. This is a process, as is "thrifting" it is a learning process. A friend reminds me, "Dear God, keep me teachable."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

For the Love of Vintage Clothes

Elaine and I at Sisters Treasures have such a soft spot for our division of vintage clothes Called The Vintage Closet.

Long before I was an antique dealer and at a MUCH younger age, I started collecting vintage clothes. I remember going to the Garden Club Thrift store years ago and finding an exquisite evening dress which I think dates back to the 30's or 40's. Even in my wildest dreams I would never fit into the dress but I bought it and put it in my closet, occasionally getting it out to show it off or admire it. I also found a true 60's suede fringed jacket which I altered due to age damage and even wore it on occasion.
I recall attending an estate auction over 15 years ago and getting excited when I found 2 box lots with vintage (circa 50's and 60's) hand made dresses. The bonus on that day, was when I moved one box and couldn't believe how heavy it was. As I dug down to the bottom, I was so excited to find I had scored an almost complete set of vintage white china from the 60s!! Triple score... with 2 boxes of clothes and china with service for TEN!
This brings me to our Vintage Closet. When we decided to start our antique business we both agreed on having vintage clothes as a part of it.
Of course, we had to have the accessories to go with it, so we have acquired quite the collection of hats, gloves, shoes, purses and jewelry.

Recently, Elaine went to an antique store in Brady, Texas and found some trunks with fabulous vintage clothing from the 50's and up.
What brings us lots of joy is when one of our customers finds a dress that fits perfectly and shares with us her plans to wear it to a party or a wedding or a prom.
If you love vintage like we do, stop in a vintage shop in your area and encourage and support the great shop owners who are preserving a part of our past.
Betsy of Sisters Treasures
P.S. Just in case you're in the area of Fredericksburg, Texas this weekend you can come see our clothes in person at Fredericksburg Trade Days. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt

Are you one who gets the newspaper (yes, some of us are still 'old school' and read an actual paper in print not online)and immediately turns to the classified to find the garage and estate sales coming up? (Raise hand high!!)

Ok, I confess, I also log onto Craigslist daily and immediate check the garage sale category for interesting sales.
So when a friend invites my guy and I to go with her and her husband to an old time flea market where a vendor told her he was bringing in a load of sewing items from an estate, I could not resist. we got up at 5 this past Sunday morning to meet them at and be at the flea by 7 to get the "good stuff"!! We even beat the vendor there. We followed his trailer as he unloaded, BOX after BOX after BOX!!! Then we dove in as our guys guarded our carts and purses!

We hit the "motherload" of vintage and new fabric, lace, trims and craft items!! We started stacking boxes and tubs, not even sure what the other had found. My friend (in the 2nd photo) is an excellent seamstress so she was looking for different things than I was, so it all worked out perfectly!

We loaded something like 10 boxes and tubs of "treasures" prepared to pay dearly, but the vendor gave us a fantastic price and I whipped out the cash before he changed his mind.
So, if you are in need of gorgeous lace (both vintage and new) and trims of all types plus velvets, brocades, and other fancy fabrics and some assorted craft items, contact us. We have TONS!! We'll be taking it along with all the stashes we already had to some of our upcoming shows.
Next blog (and I promise not to be so delinquent in blogging next time) will feature some of Elaine's treasures she found at an antique store in Brady, Texas (hint... VERY vintage and wearable).
'til next time, blessings to you.