Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Antiques Week has already Begun

  I'm going to keep this short and sweet since I'm using my Blogger app and have limited tools (rather I should say limited skills- lol).
      Elaine and I were excited about setting up at The Zapp Hall Antique wshow starting this Friday, March 27th. Unfortunately things don't always go as planned and such is the case with this show. 
    A little over two weeks ago our mom got very sick and had to be hospitalized for two weeks. She only got out a week ago and because we knew she would still need extra care as she regains her strength we made the decision to pull out of the show.   It's our plan to go and shop for a day or two but I would like to encourage anyone who's able to attend this amazing show.  Check out the Show Daily on Facebook for a schedule of all the shows.
     We have so many vendor friends participating in this show so let me just say if you want to find just about anything in the antique vintage, junking world , I'm sure you will find it there.
      We hope to be back in the Fall but in the meantime, follow us on Facebook to see where we'll be.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Treasures Within The Treasure

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to a moving Garage Sale and spotted this great old camel top trunk.
At the sale I opened the trunk and saw that the shelf that fit inside it was in very good shape and the price was right so I bought it and took it home.
I got it out to stage all my shopping treasures for a picture and took out the tray and noticed there were two paper rolls in the bottom that looked like maps.
When I got the maps in the house and opened them, I realized they were advertizing maps.  Both of them had multiple maps attached at a binding much like an old calendar binding.
The first one was from the Oklahoma Farmer-Stockman with a Texas map dated 1927-1928. On the back map their was a map of the United States and Alaska with pictures of the presidents up to the current president of that time: Calvin Coolidge.

The second set of maps are from The Progressive Farmer and dated 1938.  There's a Texas map and a map of the North American continent.

Sadly the maps are very brittle and have tears in the bottom parts.  I've tried to research them online but haven't found anything.  I may call the Institute of Texas Cultures this week to see if they know about how to display them so they don't have any more damage and if they can give me some clues as to their worth.  
Anyone have any ideas how I can find out more about these treasures?

I definitely felt I found the hidden treasure with in my treasured trunk purchase.

Thanks for reading this,