Friday, October 21, 2011

Life has gotten in the way of Blogging

I've been woefully neglectful of our blog but as my header says, "life has taken over and I haven't found time. Here's one the reasons I've been absent:
I got to check off one trip from my "bucket list"... seeing the leaves change in the Fall in New England. My guy and I went back to Maine to see his family and a "real" fall for this Texas girl!

Maine did not disappoint! This is a little "pond" as they call them up there that I fell in love with two years ago on my summer vacation there. It's called Moxie pond. The road is rough but it's lined with gorgeous hard woods wearing their colors magnificantly. Some day, I'd like to spend part of my summer RVing at this pond, fishing at our leisure and dangling a toe in the water off a dock!
It was tough coming back to our drought riden land but at we got one significant rain while I was gone! Next time I'll post about our upcoming show at Rusted Gingham Barn Show