Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A New Look

A needed repair to our cottage floor (done beautifully by Elaine's husband, Ray, and Elaine and their crew) at Fredericksburg Trade Days, gave us the perfect opportunity to revamp our store. With the help of Elaine's son Dan, we used Elaine's wonderful vision to open up our space so everything wasn't so crowded and easier to see our "goods". Wouldn't you know I only took one picture of the inside!! Go figure! Ha!
Our friend and neighbor vendor Patty, of Old Gold, helped us set up vignettes outside.
We had a great weekend and got got to see lots of our regular customers and met lots of new ones. Thanks everyone for coming out this weekend!
We might go Check out the Country Living show and the Junk Salvation both in Austin this weekend.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Garden Antqs Vintage at Zapp Hall

   I had the pleasure of meeting Teresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage in Fredericksburg at our Trade Days in February (where I admitted to her, I've been an adoring fan (i.e. blog stalker!!!), for a long time.
     She is truly the sweetest, just as I had been told by several of her friends when I mentioned her, before actually meeting her.  Her nickname by her friends is "Sweet T" and I think that totally fits her.
           Not only is she a great blogger and antique dealer, she also hosts the famous "Bloggers Party" at Zapp Hall twice a year during Antique Week in Warrenton
  That is Teresa on the left (my apologies, Teresa, for not getting a close up picture).

  Here a few of the fun ladies who attended the Blog Party! (what fun we had).

    What I wanted to show is the amazing design talents of Teresa with her booth vignettes.  They are amazing and my poor photography doesn't do them justice, but I think you'll enjoy her creativity and awesome vintage and antique finds.

     She does several shows around Texas so be sure and check out her blog Garden Antqs Vintage.
 Betsy of Sisters Treasures (hopefully Elaine will post some pictures her husband took of our tent at the Warrenton show soon).