Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A New Look

A needed repair to our cottage floor (done beautifully by Elaine's husband, Ray, and Elaine and their crew) at Fredericksburg Trade Days, gave us the perfect opportunity to revamp our store. With the help of Elaine's son Dan, we used Elaine's wonderful vision to open up our space so everything wasn't so crowded and easier to see our "goods". Wouldn't you know I only took one picture of the inside!! Go figure! Ha!
Our friend and neighbor vendor Patty, of Old Gold, helped us set up vignettes outside.
We had a great weekend and got got to see lots of our regular customers and met lots of new ones. Thanks everyone for coming out this weekend!
We might go Check out the Country Living show and the Junk Salvation both in Austin this weekend.


  1. Maddie and I say "Great Job, Betsy"!!

  2. How did the weekend turn out? Hope it was a good one. I was hoping to head that way in May but will be in Houston at Urban Market. I'm going to send you an email. Have a great day, T

  3. Oh...wish I could fly on little wings to Texas to see & shop your goodies. Looks like the weather was perfect.

  4. Lovin the beachy aqua blues on your primitives. My favorites. Oh I wish I could be meandering in Texas...I would come visit your space. Sea Witch

  5. The pearl necklace is adorable! I would love to have my pearl necklace wear that. I love the black pearl set, really wish we sent for it since it's sooo cute! big hoop earrings we bought about 1.5 months in advance since she probably won't grow too much in that time period.