Friday, July 13, 2012

I've got the Shopping Bug

   Do you ever feel like if I couldn't shop for this antiquing business, why even be in it?
Silly, I know, but I've become a compulsive garage, estate, thrift, antique, flea, online sale shopper.  I can't stay away and I KNOW we have more than enough inventory, but I keep thinking "I don't want to miss that special treasure!"

This is an Ebay purchase... I love Mica houses which remind me of my Grandmother.

I got a lead this week from one of my mom's friends who said they're moving to a retirement village and would I like to buy some treasures they can't take with them??  Did I respond: "Why no, I have too much stuff!!!" Are you kidding me??? I never say that! ha!
There's also an antique clock and a clock chamber (minus the clock), plus some vintage clothes.and... Oh well, you get the picture.. I didn't say "no!"

Yesterday, I thought I might be getting this obsessive buying thing under control because I resisted the urge to go to the once a week opening of the Garden Club Thrift store !! Yay me!!
But that restraint didn't last long, because I saw two magnetizing words in the local paper's classified that afternoon---- ESTATE SALE.   Oh, I love estate sales and a chance to see what treasures were left behind from the family for, we, the hoarders  estate sale shoppers to peruse through.  This was an estate company run sale so I wasn't overly optimistic since those are often over priced, but I decided to drive two towns away to shop.  Not finding any suckers  er I mean fellow shoppers to tag along, I set out on my quest and I scored!!!

I found great frames and flash cards, a primitive rocker and a cool kitchen stool.
  Tomorrow I have to ""borrow" my friend's husband again to pick up these two industrial cabinets.

Who knows... everything's half price tomorrow......... can I resist??? Not to mention, there are not one but TWO antique auctions this weekend that keep calling my name!!!
HELP..... Antique Shoppers Anonymous... I think I need you (or maybe I just need another fellow shopper to tag along so we can "feed our habits")!

Until the next shopping spree or hopefully the next show where we sell all our stuff and have a legitimate reason to shop again!

My name is Betsy and I'm a Shopaholic!!