Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've been "Flea-ing" Despite the Heat

       I've come to a conclusion after a lot of recent junking excursions, and that is....... I need a TRUCK or a trailer or quite possibly, BOTH!
      What's a good junker to do when she goes to the flea market and finds an awesome vintage industrial rack, only to find it won't fit inside her SUV?  Well, after calling her sister (and business partner), Elaine to lament her problem and contemplate how and who could she bribe to come get this gem, she eyes the situation and decided, that rack will fit on TOP of her car and she has a ratchet strap to hold it up.
     Only problem is, I don't have a luggage rack and don't particularly want to scratch my roof.  So, I engage two of the security guys who work for the flea market to help me with my dilemma and we come up with a plan.
     As any good junker should, I at least come prepared with a bed sheet in my car to put under the rack and one of the guys and I hoist this baby up and over the top of the car! Voila'! It works, but they suggest I get another strap to secure it since I let them know I had over 40 miles to drive home.
    Thank goodness, I'm at a flea market, because just about anything you can imagine can be purchased at a flea, so I went in search of another strap or strong bungees..... Bungees it was and once secure, I was on my way!
     Beverly Hillbillies.... you have nothing on me!!! I can load a car with the best of them when leaving my treasure behind is NOT an option!
      Of course, I filled the inside of my SUV up with treasures as well.  It was HOT and I was not a pretty sight when I left the flea, but I was smiling and nodding with satisfaction sighing the mantra... "Where there's a will, there's a way!"
     Just in case you wondered, here's the rest of my great finds on this hot Wednesday morning at a Texas flea!
I got six of the these great industrial light fixtures which I was told came from a Wendy's.

I found one of these awesome aluminum, vintage patio loungers before and sold it immediately, so when I spotted this one and the price was right, I snapped it up.

These aren't antique and most likely not vintage, but I imagine the corrugated tin used to make these decorative flags was vintage.

Thankfully this display cart folded down flat with the shelves removed for packing.  It's a royal blue.  Do you think I should paint it a different color?

I got these wooden crates from a vendor we met when Elaine went with me to the flea earlier this month.  I love our business because we meet some of the nicest people, everywhere we go.  I think his name was Pablo and he remembered us and was a delight.

I found this cool industrial basket which is becoming harder to find at a decent price to resell.  I love the handles on it.

Although the sales of luggage has fallen a bit lately, I couldn't resist this vintage American Tourister round case.  The inside is in mint condition and I'm a sucker for the shape.
 On a personal mission, I found my sweet Mom this walker with good wheels and more importantly, a seat for when she gets tired.  She loved it and especially the price compared to the new ones.

So there you have it, despite the heat, treasures can be found at the fleas in Texas in the Summer...
Word of advice........ start very early and take a frozen bottle of water along.  By the time you're thirsty, it will have melted enough to give you refreshing ice water!

Happy flea-ing my friends.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Traveling Tale of Two Sisters

      We Sisters have been busy this past weekend and this week.
    First of all we spent the weekend at Fredericksburg Trade Days where we changed up our mini "rooms" with different vignettes. (Of course, I not being a photographer person, didn't get pictures of all our changes). 
    We decided to go out of the cowboy boot business (at least for the time being), so we had a big clearance sale on our boots outside and  the boot area became a vintage wedding space.
  I lugged our two TALL manni's up from my house in my car and thankfully wasn't stopped for the  kidnapping of two inanimate "women" in the back of my SUV! ha!
   We dressed them and our cute vintage  "girl" in a 50's wedding dress and matching bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. (A woman bought the little girl dress for her grand daughter to go as Marie Antoinette for Halloween).
We created some vintage bridal vignettes on our "boot" shelf.
We even included some vintage items for the groom, like this awesome white dinner jacket with cumberbund and bowtie.
After Trade Days, Elaine and her hubbie, Ray hopped on a plane to Florida Monday morning for a family vacation with all her guys.

I spent the last two days "fixing" our booths in Uvalde (Tuesday) and Seguin today (Wednesday).

     Thankfully we've sold some things in both places and brought back metal and "stuff" from Trade Days to add to our mix.   Here are a few pictures from our space in The Vintage Market- Home & Garden (Uvalde).

And here are some new looks at Aunt Maudie's Attic (Seguin).

Wow, I'm tired and we're only half way through the week! (tee hee). 
I think it's my turn to go a vacation next! (That will have to wait until next month though)
Thanks for "traveling" with us!
Betsy and Elaine.