Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Traveling Tale of Two Sisters

      We Sisters have been busy this past weekend and this week.
    First of all we spent the weekend at Fredericksburg Trade Days where we changed up our mini "rooms" with different vignettes. (Of course, I not being a photographer person, didn't get pictures of all our changes). 
    We decided to go out of the cowboy boot business (at least for the time being), so we had a big clearance sale on our boots outside and  the boot area became a vintage wedding space.
  I lugged our two TALL manni's up from my house in my car and thankfully wasn't stopped for the  kidnapping of two inanimate "women" in the back of my SUV! ha!
   We dressed them and our cute vintage  "girl" in a 50's wedding dress and matching bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. (A woman bought the little girl dress for her grand daughter to go as Marie Antoinette for Halloween).
We created some vintage bridal vignettes on our "boot" shelf.
We even included some vintage items for the groom, like this awesome white dinner jacket with cumberbund and bowtie.
After Trade Days, Elaine and her hubbie, Ray hopped on a plane to Florida Monday morning for a family vacation with all her guys.

I spent the last two days "fixing" our booths in Uvalde (Tuesday) and Seguin today (Wednesday).

     Thankfully we've sold some things in both places and brought back metal and "stuff" from Trade Days to add to our mix.   Here are a few pictures from our space in The Vintage Market- Home & Garden (Uvalde).

And here are some new looks at Aunt Maudie's Attic (Seguin).

Wow, I'm tired and we're only half way through the week! (tee hee). 
I think it's my turn to go a vacation next! (That will have to wait until next month though)
Thanks for "traveling" with us!
Betsy and Elaine.


  1. Wow, I bet you are tired and thank you so much for doing all the work while I am working hard on my tan. Headed to Key West on Friday. Found a cool seashell pelican at a thrift store.

    You are my hero!

  2. Betsy & Elaine . . .
    Just back from the Attic & fell in love
    with the gold candleholder in Your last pic . . .
    Now it's all Mine ! THANKS !!
    Your space looks Great as Always !

    Big Hugs ,

  3. I love vintage wedding clothes! I bet they will sell well, especially the veils. Yes, it is your turn to go on vacation!!