Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oops, We've Done it Again!

     If that got your attention and you're wondering what those two wild and crazy sisters are up to----
Well, wonder no more!!!  After swearing off spaces in antique malls at the beginning of this year, we not only retracted from that statement by becoming vendors at Aunt Maudie's Attic in Seguin, Texas.  You can read about that venture here.
      Our good friends, Patty Jett with Old Gold and her daughter Megan Thomas with Salvaged have a wonderful speciality antique mall in Uvalde, Texas called Vintage Market- Home and Garden.
    I (Betsy) got a call from Patty at the end May, shortly after we had signed on with The Attic, and she told me a space was coming open at the first of July and did we want to rent it???  This is such an awesome shop and the ladies who co-own this do such amazing displays with their booths, we decided to say YES!
      So yesterday, (Saturday) I moved in with the gracious help of my good friend Patty.  She not only helped my with moving my things in that day, she came over on Friday with her trailer and helped (she basically did most of the work! ) loading her truck and the trailer.
       After working all afternoon on the space, I'll reveal our inaugural photos of our space.  We went with a lot of garden iron and some great antique and primitive pieces then I added some romantic touches that we are known for.  Here are the results (so far):
We love the colors of the beach and summer, so we added lots of shades of blue along with our chippy whites.

    We have more metal birdcages along with a great primative shelving unit.  This is the Garden theme area.
    I love this zinc wash tub (minus the stand).  It would be awesome built into a potting bench or a patio serving area for cold beverages.

           Here's a better picture of the fab 50's motel chair and a cute little corner shelf I painted.
Here's a different view of the birdcages and bird bath.

We got this wonderful chair from the Curious Boys (you know how we vendors just pass on our merchandise among us).

This side shows more garden items and cool blue things.

How about some mid century office/industrial items?

Industrial/farm/primitives are in this corner.

I recently purchased this awesome early 30's to 40's kitchen cupboard from our friends Betty and Willie Mund of D'Hanis.

We also got this gorgeous early 20th century oak vanity dresser.

Our other corner, but this might need more work!

One last picture of the chippy cabinet. IT HAS ISSUES though, so it's coming back home.

Come see us at the Vintage Market- Home and Garden shop.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm and occasionally they open on Sundays.


  1. WOW! WOW! BETSY!!!! What a great job on the space and the blog. I hope 100's to 1000's of people read this and pass along kudos for a job well done. Love you and thank you for being such a great sister and business partner.

  2. It all looks fabulous! Wish I were there to shop. Hope you have great sales.

  3. I have plans already to visit Uvalde next week, so I'll make darn sure I visit the store! Been wanting to visit Auntie's place in Seguin, too, and hope to be there some time this summer. If y'all are ever in Castroville, stop by Albros Casa y Garden and see us !


  4. We are in the midst of planning a trip to San Antonio over the 4th long weekend. Hope I can make it to Seguin and possibly your new location. It all looks fab.

  5. Oh it is addictive! We can never really leave, it is tooooo fun and your booth looks fabulous, what a great mix. Every time I put in a bird cage it is gone in a week, yours are gorgeous. Good luck, hey, everyone has a hobby and this is ours!