Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's about Time....

That title can be interpreted several ways such as:......... It's ABOUT time I wrote another blog post! (blog writer sheepishly hangs head then rolls eyes and says.. "Whatever!") ha! Ha!  I could go into a long list of excuses, but suffice it to say, life has been a bit chaotic with our family, but all is better so .. I'm BACK!!

   However, the meaning I'm going to talk about today with the title: It's about Time......... applies to the countdown to the biggest antique/junking show in Texas and one of the biggest in the states.. Antiques Week (or weeks depending on which of the many shows within a show we're referring to)!
  Elaine and I and her son, Dan are setting up at Zapp Hall again in the same location next to the fabulous Royers' Cafe!  
    We're having a Spring Garden theme but will be bringing Dan's fabulous repurposed hanging racks
It's not the best picture of one of his racks but the chippy bead board piece in the back is just one that Dan has created.
I've been doing some painting on some items like these benches getting them ready.
 Plus this swan got a shabby makeover and it ready for the party!

So my friends, as we gear up for the Big SHOW,
Get out your dancing shoes
(or Cowboy boots if you prefer!)

And make your plans now to join us and 5000 plus vendors (guessing here, but you know we see everything BIG in Texas)
for the greatest show "on Dirt" (comment thanks to our dear friend and fellow vendor Debbie with Talking Trash)
Here's the schedule (compliments the Show Daily ... a must have free magazine that tells you everything you want to know about all the shows at Antiques Week)
We'll be looking for you!
Betsy and Elaine
Sisters' Treasures