Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Fredericksburg Trade Days is in the Books

   We just finished a great February show at Fredericksburg Trade Days and started with a new look for our cottage.  My guy, Willie and our brother, Dennis came up several times to enclose the back porch and part of the front porch.  We did this for several reasons, one to gain more "room" space and more importantly to be able to close faster without having our merchandise damaged with the tarps we cover them with, blowing off .  There is still a little more to do, but we've already received great reviews for the new walls.  This allowed us to show off our advertising signs we have for sale and other architectural salvage items.
  This is the other side of the wall and eventually we'll add doors to this outer clossed in porch.

  We left one side open so we can have easier access to bring furniture in and more importantly...... load furniture into customers vehicles!  As you can see we gained an extra "room" by closing in one end of the porch.

Aren't you groovin' for this fab retro sofa?  This "bad boy" is actually a massage couch (but we're missing the cords to plug her in). 
The new walls gave us more space to display pictures like this great midcentury paint by number, four seasons set.

In keeping with the midcentury theme, we added this great atomic, space age Lux clock.
On the opposite side of the porch we went with an indurstrial, office theme, showcasing lots of file drawers.

Opposite the file cabinets we offer this school locker, a great chippy pink desk and a couple of paper cutters.

Elaine found these amazing vintage lanterns, made of a type of canvas and metal.

On the side of the cottage is where we have our rustic metal and lawn pieces and such.

One quick look inside, shows a great collection of aqua ball jars with the coveted zinc lids. Love these!
   I hope you enjoyed a little tour of our February show at Trade Days. Have a blessed day.