Friday, August 31, 2012

Collections or Obsessive Hoarding... You be the Judge

  In the latest issue of Flea Market Style Magazine, Ki Nassauer, editor and junk queen extraordinaire, asked on her editorial page, "What is a collection?"
 When I asked this question of myself, I started thinking of ALL my collections (Santas, Salt and Pepper Shakers, vintage clothes particularly Edwardian and anything from the 30's or older, lace, and my newest, poodles, in honor of my sweet black poodle, Harriett), I realized, I am probably classified more as a hoarder than a refined collector! However, that is part of the reason that I got into the business of selling antiques, was to feed my obsession  er collections!

That is my poodle, Harriet, in the background with my collection of stuffed poodles, The two on the left and the aqua one in the middle are vintage, probably, 50's or 60's.
Once I get started on a collection, my eye is suddenly like a radar beacon, honing in only anything poodle related, like these cute vintage figurines.  I have several, that include vases, a kitzy shell poodle, a funky nylon yarn ornament  and the made in Japan figurine of the girl and her poodle, to name a few.

Elaine even got me this giant (I'm guessing doorstop based on the weight) poodle that is definitely mid century
My latest is this tacky but cute crocheted poodle bottle cover.

   This collection is small compared to my Santa and S & P ones, but we won't go there because I definitely would start hearing the "hoarder" whispers!
       One thing I've learned is to collect what you love and if you tire of it, it's "OK" to let it go
..... And start a new collection!

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!
   Betsy of Sisters' Treasures

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Grass is Not Always Greener

I  spent almost a month vacation in Maine visiting my boyfriend and his family while he spends the summer in the cooler climate of New England.
What does a junker do while on vacation, but squeeze in a little junking.
I figured I might find better deals there, so I tagged along with my guys' brother and sister-in-law (who are also in the business) to shop a small antique flea market.

There were cool finds like this primitive chippy table, but I passed since there was no way to get that back home.

I did find some good deals like these great seltzer bottles that I have an infinity for.

I always love vintage sewing supplies and crochet.

What I did find is that the grass or in this case the deals are not always better on the "other side".
I went to an antique mall and was rather blown away at the high prices. Now I did realize that I was shopping in the biggest tourist area of the state , but I felt that even Warrenton prices were great compared to some I saw.

Both the Victorian plant stand and the candelabras were in the $400 range. I know that some high priced antique stores in Texas and some of the more elite antique shows get those prices but I also know you can find similar pieces for half that price and even less.

We even went to shop that looked like a junk picker's dream called Elmer's Barn, but I was deceived by the looks. THey had this hilarious sign by the steps (sorry for the bad language, but this is pretty typical of Mainer's way of talking.
Ir looked like a hoarders dream shop.
 The prices were higher than the other shop. This place probably had some deals if you really wanted to dig but everything I inquired about had my jaw dropping at the price.

   It was fun, but I found out that often the best deals can be found in your own back yard.
I do recommend coming to Maine to see the beautiful countryside and the friendly people.

We saw this beautiful rainbow as we headed out of Maine to Canada to visit Prince Edward Island, which is quite picturesque. Unfortunately, I left my camera in Maine so I only have my I Phone pictures, to show of the island. This is a picture of the dock where we sailed  off to deep sea fish. FUN!!

As for antiquing, I found better deals at the flea market in
San Antonio on Wednesday, but I wouldn't trade my vacation for anything.