Friday, January 27, 2012

Button, Button-Who has the Button? by Elaine

The thrill of Thrift Store shopping is never knowing what you might uncover. This week was one of those weeks that you blog about. Near my new residence is the small town of Staples (not the mega office store). On one occasion as we drove through the village I noticed the sign on the Community Center, "THRIFT STORE" Open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 1:00 to 4:00. So Tuesday was thrift store day!

With my granddaughter in tow, off we drove to Staples. We were eagerly greeted by the store keepers as they offered their assistance. Rummaging through their wares, Maddie and I uncovered a vintage 1940's Genuine Corde' handbag, plus some jazzy magenta "Maud Frizon" Italian leather, sling back heels. By the time we left, our basket was full with treasures!

It was good that we went on Tuesday, because at 2:00 AM Wednesday night the heavens opened and we received 7" of rain in five hours. The rain was very welcomed as we viewed the lake to the North beyond capacity. Then a walk to our low water crossing revealed what we did not want to see. Our culvert was 125 feet down stream as the water was rushing towards the lake in the north. All the gravel had also washed and we were stranded!

Being stranded meant that I had time to work on some new creations. So between loads of laundry, I created some cute pocket necklace bags. They are just the right size for money and a cell phone while you are out shopping.

Once we were able to cross, we headed to Seguin, near our home, and Ray graciously agreed to stop by two thrift stores. This is where I found a great supply of "BUTTONS"!

This is a small sample of my find. They are sorted and ready to take to Fredericksburg Trade Days. In addition, some of my finds included vintage fabric, sewing supplies, and two great suitcases. Suitcases make such great storage containers!

I also found these two daisy votive candle holders, red splatterware kettle and colorful, floral print.

This is Elaine, the other sister, and my first time to blog, so be kind as well as helpful with your comments. This is a process, as is "thrifting" it is a learning process. A friend reminds me, "Dear God, keep me teachable."


  1. Elaine, you did a fantastic job on your first blog and I just wish I could have been with you to enjoy your days of treasure hunting. Today, I'm going to brave the wind and go to an estate sale. (from the other sister) Betsy

  2. I can't believe you had all of that rain! Oh you did have some great thrifting finds, I never find buttons, those are great


  3. you hit the jackpot- adorable grand daugther- love the spotted tea pot too!