Thursday, January 19, 2012

For the Love of Vintage Clothes

Elaine and I at Sisters Treasures have such a soft spot for our division of vintage clothes Called The Vintage Closet.

Long before I was an antique dealer and at a MUCH younger age, I started collecting vintage clothes. I remember going to the Garden Club Thrift store years ago and finding an exquisite evening dress which I think dates back to the 30's or 40's. Even in my wildest dreams I would never fit into the dress but I bought it and put it in my closet, occasionally getting it out to show it off or admire it. I also found a true 60's suede fringed jacket which I altered due to age damage and even wore it on occasion.
I recall attending an estate auction over 15 years ago and getting excited when I found 2 box lots with vintage (circa 50's and 60's) hand made dresses. The bonus on that day, was when I moved one box and couldn't believe how heavy it was. As I dug down to the bottom, I was so excited to find I had scored an almost complete set of vintage white china from the 60s!! Triple score... with 2 boxes of clothes and china with service for TEN!
This brings me to our Vintage Closet. When we decided to start our antique business we both agreed on having vintage clothes as a part of it.
Of course, we had to have the accessories to go with it, so we have acquired quite the collection of hats, gloves, shoes, purses and jewelry.

Recently, Elaine went to an antique store in Brady, Texas and found some trunks with fabulous vintage clothing from the 50's and up.
What brings us lots of joy is when one of our customers finds a dress that fits perfectly and shares with us her plans to wear it to a party or a wedding or a prom.
If you love vintage like we do, stop in a vintage shop in your area and encourage and support the great shop owners who are preserving a part of our past.
Betsy of Sisters Treasures
P.S. Just in case you're in the area of Fredericksburg, Texas this weekend you can come see our clothes in person at Fredericksburg Trade Days. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Hey Sisters, Thanks for following my blog. I was at 115 forever, so when I saw the 116 my eyes bugged out. PS love your vintage dresses. Cindy