Monday, September 23, 2013

An Update and Last Minute Musings

      First of all, I wanted to give everyone an update on Elaine's husband, Ray's surgery.  If you didn't read my previous post, I'll briefly recap.  Ray went for a routine physical and from the x rays taken on his lungs they found a mass on both lungs.  One was benign, but the other shows cancer so on Sept. 19th Ray had surgery at Scott and White Hospital in Temple.  They had to remove part of his lung and were able to remove the mass.  Some of his lymp nodes are being tested for cancer and that result is still upcoming.
     Ray made it through a five plus hour surgery ok but was in extreme pain after (as one can imagine just thinking about surgeons cutting open your chest).  On Saturday, Ray had trouble breathing so he was put in ICU and a breathing tube was placed down his throat.   Again, Elaine said the pain was terrible and he could only use a I Pad to communicate.   That afternoon after God sent some of their close friends from Brady to visit, he took a turn for the better.
     Today (Sunday), I'll post what Elaine reported on Facebook:
Another day of progress for Ray. Doctors removed the breathing tube as well as the chest tube. Both of these being removed makes it easier for Ray to move better while in bed. He still has assisted breathing and O2 level is great. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring and PRAISING GOD for the hurdles that were overcome today.

      Elaine and Ray and his family and ours cannot thank everyone enough for all their prayers and thoughts while he is going through this.  Please realize, your prayers have helped more than you know.  We continue to ask for prayers for good results of NO cancer anywhere else and quick and steady healing for Ray and comfort and strength for Elaine and Ray's daughters, Catherine and Angela.
I wanted to share a fun picture of Ray and Elaine at the Trade Days Prom last year! Aren't they "they pair"?

      This past weekend I just finished up Fredericksburg Trade Days and feel rather exhausted as I tried to also finish packing this for our BIG show this starting Sept. 27th at Zapp Hall in Warrenton, Texas.

       Tuesday, is move in day with the help of Elaine's son, Dan Reinhard.  Then I'm excited to have several fantastic friends in this biz help me out.  On Friday and Saturday, Lori Allen and hopefully Sheryl Westerman (both from Trade Days) are coming to help and will have some of their fantastic paper creations and jewelry for sale.  Then on Sunday and some days the following week, Lisa Love Harris of The Garden Cat will be helping me and bringing her fantastic murder mystery book and some of her treasures to sell.  The last weekend, my friends from Hondo, Sharon and Doug Schueling are coming to help and then hall back my RV......  Am I blessed or what??  I cannot express my gratitude enough for these special friends.   Not to mention, so many others have offered their support and the ladies of Zapp Hall, Cheryl LeHane and her sister, Karen and their Sister/friend, Deela have offered to help.  I feel so grateful and humble and give God the praise.
       I hope to see you at Zapp between Sept. 27th and Oct. 5th.



  1. Glad to hear this update...prayers continuing for Ray, Elaine and the family. Hope you sell lots of stuff.

  2. Praise God. Will continue to send of prayers for healing and strength in the coming days.
    Blessings come in many forms with good and loving friends being close to the top of the list. Cheryl and her family are just the best.
    See you soon.

  3. What a lovely post, Betsy! It has been amazing FUN to be with you this week. I don't have any sisters so it's with special admiration that I watch you and Elaine and am inspired by your love for each other and your wonderful antique business. Thank you for letting me hang out with you. P.S. the pic of Elaine and Ray is just fabulous! Hope you sell to the dirt as Deb says.
    Peace, love, and happy to be a junkin' sista,