Monday, October 7, 2013

Zapp Antique Show At Warrenton in Review

  This is how our show (or rather Pre-show) started out, with a blank tent at the biggest Antique show in Texas and specifically at the most fun show within a show, Zapp Hall Antique Show.   We along with some paid workers, unloaded three trailers.
Instrumental in getting our major set up done was Elaine's son, Dan Reinhard (in the aqua shirt in the above picture) who graciously took off a day of work to help us set up our tent.  My vision was to have our tent be like a French Brocante (or flea market), where people could wonder through our pathways to see the different wares we were offering.  We have such diversity in our stash, I thought maybe (just maybe) this would give it some assemblance of order!  I had one lady comment half way through the show that it reminded her of a French Flea Market, so I tried to contain the Happy Dance in front of her but gushed to Elaine.......... At least someone "gets it"! 

These are pictures of our vintage, industrial, primitive section.  The cool work table with the aqua drawers sold and nearly all the deer horns sold.
We also had our painted furniture section which got switched around some after selling some pieces.
In this picture, we sold quite a bit.  The little green table and the primitive aqua cupboard.  Also the white bureau sold and the frame on the blue table found a new home.

This gorgeous buffet in Annie Sloan Paris grey sold.
A new home was found for this camel top wardrobe.

    We had a red section which included Christmas treasures.

The twin Santa's sold to the same person.  I'm guessing they're planning a Santa reunion! ha!

What we hoped would sell was what we billed as our "Show Stopper"!! It did get a lot of attention, but I guess the price was a little too steep or perhaps the size, since it's over 7 feet long.  It is a beautiful display cubby from some store in San Antonio. (I wish we knew more history, but I guess we'll have to make it up! ha!)

Our most popular category was garden and patio metal, in particular, chairs.  We sold three sets, plus several solo chairs and one glider and bird cages.
We're already on the lookout for vintage patio furniture and accents for the Spring! So look out... we're on the prowl! 

Thanks for "coming" along on my tour of our Vintage Brocante Show.


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  2. We so enjoyed shopping with you girls. We found such fabulous goodies, I'm so loving the little white baby dress I picked out. My husband got some great barkcloth that he can use in his sewing. Our daughter Dee found done goodies as well. We can't wait to see you gals again. Your booth was one of our favorites of this show.



  3. That was fun!! I am surprised at the garden section selling at this time of year? You did a fabulous job of making areas. Wow, if you had a studio or craft room that could handle the 7ft cubby....It would be soooo useful! Great job, sounds like you had a great show

    Carol....Looks like all the Carols are commenting lol!

  4. Thank you Betsy for being so brave to do the show basically without your business partner. I am so thankful to friends and neighbors who pitched in to work with you and help man or woman the space. It was very well thought out and executed. CONGRATULATIONS!!! JOB WELL DONE.

  5. Its so much fun to see these photos of the "before," and flash back to walking thru and discovering so many treasures. My daughter and I were lucky to find you early in the show and got one of those great lawn chairs, your grocery cart (!), wire basketsm a framed botanical print and others goodies. I am looking forward to finding you in Fredericksburg later this month!