Thursday, September 19, 2013


   Guess what, it's one week and one day from the Greatest show on Dirt (as Debbie from Talking Trash often said in her blog) of the biggest show in Texas that happens twice a year in the little towns of Warrenton and Round Top and several other small towns as well.  It's been called "Antique Week" but as time has gone by it has morphed into a longer and unorthodox show consisting of dozens of "shows" within this big show.
      In the "official" news magazine, Show Daily they do a great job of including every venue and highlighting when each show starts plus which vendors are at the different shows.
     This Fall, we (mainly me dragging Elaine along) decided to do the Fall show and debated about which Venue to set up at.  Our friends, Diane and Roger, owners of Blends- in Georgetown have set up at Zapp Hall along with our friend Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage so we applied and got one of the last spaces they had.

We got excited and started focusing our purchases on things for the show, then Elaine's husband Ray got a report from a routine check-up that a spot or mass showed up on a chest X-Ray that Elaine insisted he get.  After several tests, they actually saw a spot on both lungs but one was the bigger concern.  As more tests and procedures were set up, plans started to change about the show.  The surgery to remove the mass was set for September 19th with 3 to 5 days in the hospital and then bed rest at home.  It became obvious that Elaine couldn't do the show, so while I was on vacation in Maine, I started praying and contemplating and determining whether I would do the show alone or cancel on the kind ladies who run the Zapp show.  
After a lot of prayer and evaluating everything, I decided to go ahead and do the show with the support of Elaine and our many wonderful Antique business friends and family.  I had envisioned a theme for the show for a while and ran it by Elaine and we decided it would be a good way to showcase our diverse inventory.
We're calling our space the Vintage Brocante.

I have never been to a French Brocante (flea market) but I've read lots of blogs of those who have attended some and in my mind, I see our space as little streets of Paris with various antique and vintage wares displayed for sale.  Here are some images I found online of vendor spaces at a French brocante:
The second picture is courtesy Tongue in Cheek

I hope it comes out like I imagine it or at least the shopper will hopefully get the feel and excitement of the vignettes we plan to set up and more importantly the GREAT goods we'll have for sale.
I am so grateful for family and friends stepping in to help like Elaine's son, Dan Reinhard who is taking off a day from work to help me unload the trailers and set up the booth next Tuesday.  Our friend, Lisa Love Harris of The Garden Cat is going to help me and a few others have volunteered plus we have some names of people who we may hire to help.  Along with all of that, Elaine's husband Ray has told her that he should be ok if she wants to come over part of the time to help (but that will definitely be a wait and see).

So, it's really about Perspective which according to Word has one meaning that says:
  1. the proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivitytry to get some perspective on your troubles.
      When we weigh our situations, it's best to keep things in perspective and to remember 
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28.

    Blessing to all and if you read this post before tomorrow morning, June 19th, we thank you for any and all prayers for a successful surgery that takes around 7:30 AM.



  1. Oh, my goodness, Betsy! You brought tears to my eyes--in a very good way! I'm holding the faith and lifting both Ray and Elaine up in prayer as they begin this new path of their life journey. Praying for more good news...God is bigger. And that's just all there is to it. Amen. :)
    I'm absolutely OVER the MOON (and ya know how big that thing's been lately!) to have the opportunity to help out however I can. When ya get down to it, our little junkin' community is our other family, and y'all are like junkin' sistas to me. I'm so blessed to know ya both and can't wait for your awesome French Brocante Market at Zapp! xxoos Catch y'all down the blacktop in a few days. Peace, love, and let's have a JUNKIN' party!

  2. Betsy, I also have another saying and that is "sell to the dirt"! I'm praying now as I have just learned of the surgery, but I wanted you to know all of you are in my heart and on my mind.
    I would like to give you a little tidbit about your "new" home. For whatever reason, the left back corner of tent never sold well for us. It might be different for y'all, but I swear up and down, if I placed anything in "no man's land" it came back home with us. Finally, I designated that the checkout area and "sit-a-spell" corner. Just thought I would share that info.

  3. I totally agree and you know if you need anything I'm just around the corner. Praying for Ray that God continues to do miracles in his life and that he gives Elaine strength during this time and for awesome sales for you too!

  4. Oh goodness, it is the afternoon, I hope Ray did well!! He would have felt so bad if you had given up the show completely. Let us know how Ray is doing and take tons of pictures of your Brocante booth, if I was there I would love to help you!