Saturday, July 2, 2011

Death of a Dress Form- May she rest in Peace!

 I have this thing about mannequins and dress forms especially the vintage ones, so everytime I find a good deal on one, I buy it.  Such was the case of one of my latest 50's dress forms.  This was the kind that a dressmaker used and adjusted to fit by enlarging or tightening the parts of the form via hinges and screws on the inside of the form.  I use mine to display our vintage clothes so thus comes the tale of this particular "manni's" demise!  My sis and I went to Geromino last Saturday to arrange our new booth at Blue Hills Antique Mall and I planned to take along this dress form so I lowered the form in half to make room for it in my car.  I set it on the grass close to the back of my SUV (out of the way, so I thought) and backed up to head to the shed to get some bigger items before packing the manni.  WELL, here's the SAD part, I didn't SEE the dress form as I backed up and wasn't aware that I had not cleared it until I heard a THUMP, THUD- like sound!! Uh OH!  I realized I had backed over something but didn't know it was her until I looked back,! (I didn't get a picture of the poor, pathetic "lifeless" form on the ground, but here's what she looks like now, tire treads and all!

May she rest in peace in Mannequin Heaven!