Monday, July 11, 2011

A Hunting we will go... garage sale finds

 One of the best part of the antiquing business to me (and to many others I suspect) is the "HUNT".   I love garage and estate sales and try to attend them whenever I can.  Sometimes, it's pretty much a bust, but sometimes I'm blessed to find great "treasures".  I'd say this past Saturday was more of a blessing than a bust, but mainly I  found small treasures.  I did score two furniture finds but I don't have a picture of either.  One is a 50's style "ranch" chair and the other is a midcentury dining room set.
     Here are some of my finds from a a family run estate sale that I unfortunately didn't get to until just before they closed. Plus there are a few garage sale finds.
 The box on the left with the aqua base is a cool jewelry box.  The wig form has a hand crocheted turbon hat (I can just imagine it covering a head of spongy curler! ha)
 I love beautiful nylon robes and this one has pretty detailing at the top.
 The lady who sold me these skates said they were hers (I'd guess she was in her 50's) and what's cool are the wooden wheels so they may have been a hand-me-down to her.

 I love, LOVE anything vintage that's Christmas, especially Santa items.
 I wasn't sure what these were but my friend who went with me said they balanced on something and wobbled back and forth.  I just thought they looked "funky cute"!

There were about 8 cuff links and tie tacks, but what was extra cool was the watch box they were in!  So there you have it, another fun day "hunting"(antique, junk style)!

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