Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Antiques and More

 I thought I'd continue the tour of our Sisters Treasures booth locations, so you can find us IF--- "You choose to accept this mission!" (I just saw the trailer for the new Mission Impossible movie and I couldn't resist!).   Castroville is the town and it's located about 15 miles West of San Antonio on Hwy 90 (in Texas in case someone is reading this from out of the state).    This town used to be a mecca for antique stores and many an antique tour bus could be found filled with antique hunters scouring for hidden treasures.  Unfortunately those "hay days" are past but there are still a few cool antique stores and we happen to have a booth in one of them.  Antiques and More is run by two delightful sisters  and is located in a former movie theater.  There is even an original ticket booth with a "lovely" manni waiting to take your ticket!   Our booth is downstairs on the left side close to the stage.   We are located by the wall and currently there's a beautiful "Cinderella" style wedding dress standing guard over the spot (and of course it's for sale!).  The only pictures I have available now are from my I phone so please excuse the quality but at least you can get an idea of what we carry.  If you love vintage clothes and eclectic vintage goods, we're your place! Thanks for reading my blog, I've very new at this so it's definitely a learning curve now!


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