Monday, April 15, 2013

Whimsy at the Warehouse

This vignette captured a lot of attention.

   Elaine and I did our first show with the fabulous ladies of Petticoats on the Prairie (the Rodeo Queens) in Ballinger, Texas, this past weekend.  We had a fun show where we sold some fun things and met a lot of fantastic shoppers and amazing vendors and enjoyed doing the show in a one of a kind venue, a wool and mohair warehouse, restored by the Bickel family of Ballinger.
Photo courtesy of Petticoats on the Prairie   This building was a must see and will make a great events venue if the family decides to use it for that. It's three stories (we were in the basement by the freight elevator which proved very handy).  The Bickel family were so gracious, helpful and welcoming, we really appreciate all of their hard work in getting the warehouse ready for the show.
       We concentrated on a Garden Party theme and took a lot of wrought iron, patio items and plants to enhance that theme.
We still have this awesome glider although, we had a lot of interest in it.  The cute picnic bucket and tool chest planter found new homes.
As you looked into our booth, this was the scene on the left side.
Here's a close-up of the above scene.  We sold a lot of the small concrete doves.

I apologize for the poor quality of this I phone shot, but this was the scene on the right side as you entered our booth.
Here's a zoomed in view of the scene above.  Several of the flower frogs were sold.

The middle part of our view featured rustic industrial items.

Part of our space had a stairway to a trap door which were allowed to display on.  Elaine created this great vignette.

This is a different view of the stairway vignette.
    There were so many talented vendors at the show and I confess that I didn't take pictures but one group just went beyond amazing in creating an unbelievable display for their booth.  They are called Perspective and I hope they will be ok that I "stole" this picture from their page to give you a glimpse of their talent.
They built this wall and then created this breath-taking display.  Please check out their page to see more of their space.

We had a great time as I said, and after getting a good night's sleep in my own bed, I can look back and enjoy all the fun times and more importantly the wonderful people we met (plus all the great friends we'd already made who we got to see again).
Check out the Petticoats on the Prairie facebook page for more pictures.  We want to thank each of you beautiful ladies with Petticoats on the Prairie for doing such a fantastic job of organizing and running this show.  All of you are "tops" in our book!
Betsy and Elaine


  1. Howdy! It was so lovely (as always!) to see your two beautiful smiling faces at POTP Whimsy in the Warehouse!! I enjoyed getting to visit with you both and your booth looked phenomenal!! I love all your beautiful vintage clothing and awesome garden stuff. I look forward to catching up with you both again very soon. xxoos
    Peace, love, and all the good stuff to you both!

  2. Great job BETSY! you are so good to post on the blog. It was comforting to sleep in my own bed. Hope we get well rested before this weekend at Trade Days.

  3. I enjoyed the show so much, and I LOVED your things! Your doily clothing was so cool! Good job :)

  4. I've really enjoyed seeing all the awesome pics on Facebook of this show. Your booth looked great as always! So wish I could have come out to the show. What a fabulous place to hold it. Maybe next time!

  5. What a great event! That does sound like a great venue for all sorts of events. Your booth has like fabulous garden decor.