Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Baron Mall... our newest "home"

   Elaine and I decided that Sisters' Treasures needed a place to sell our wares besides Fredericksburg Trade Days, and since we were already coming to Fredericksburg once a month, we signed up to rent a space at the Red Baron Antique Mall on Hwy 290 (Main St) just past downtown.  The owners, Henry and Shawn Umphreys and Shawn's mother, Margaret are the dearest people and extremely friendly and helpful.
       We officially started September 1, but they allowed us to move in the week before and thankfully we already had a few sales that first week.  We have to work 2 days a month at the mall which is a good thing, because it allows us to see what is trending there and we get to "fluff" and add to our booth.
      I did the first month last week, Thursday and Friday and took some pictures with my I Phone of some of the booths and items among the 50 plus vendors and wanted to share with you, what the mall has to offer. They have a facebook page Red Baron Antiques with more pictures of items for sale.
   I put together this collage but I apologize for the poor quality ( I think my camera lens is warped).
  I'll add some close ups Elaine took of some our our vignettes.

   I put together some collages of some of the vendors items that I particularly liked.

 I wanted to show this clever display separatelly because I loved the way this vendor, Paula (she doesn't have a name for her booth) used a dress form to display her collection of doilies and lace for sale. Isn't this clever?  (the picture doesn't do it justice).
  If you are in Fredericksburg, Tx either as a visitor or a resident and haven't been by the Red Baron, I strongly encourage you to stop by. 
     Plus for everyone in the Texas area, we will be at Fredericksburg Trade Days this weekend for our monthly show.  Come out and enjoy what is suppose to be nice weather and shop for some great finds.
   Until next time,


  1. So excited for you ladies to be in there! Looks great, can't wait to go visit the store again! :) See you in a couple days!

  2. I do wish I could say I was heading your way, I was beginning to think Fredericksburg is like a second home to me. Hopefully, will be that way soon, in a few months. I really like your space and I belive we stopped at this mall before, but it's been several years. Can't wait to check it out again. Hope to see you soon in Warrenton!

  3. Hello, I was out surfing and came upon your blog. I think it was met to be, because I am in the process of dreaming about having a place to sell my wares. At the moment there are no places to rent a space, but hopefully someone will decide to open a mall.
    I am so excited for you both and I'm excited about following your blog. I wish you were close by, so that I could visit and be one of your first customers.
    Please come and visit, and if you will look in my right-hand column you'll see my new blog, which is an inventory of things that I am making and collecting for my space, when I find one. I would truly value any advice. Your newest follower, Connie :)

  4. Good luck to you, it all looks fabulous! That dress form is adorable a great place to display!!


  5. So glad you all are there. I will be working on Sunday. Can't wait to see all the "new" stuff since last time I worked. Paula is very creative and a great "stager" of her items, isn't she? - Revis

  6. Hi Betsy, Thank you for your encouragement and for your insight. I need to collect more inventory before I am ready to set up shop, whether in a booth at a mall or a market space. It is so good to talk with sister bloggers that are venturing out in this venue. Thank you for following I truly appreciate it.
    Have a great weekend, Connie :)

  7. Thank you for stopping by, you are going to have to give us an update on how your booth is going!!


  8. Really enjoyed seeing pics of your new place. Hope I can take a few days to get to Fredericksburg to shop and hopefully connect with you. I love your Facebook posts and keeping up with all your travels, shows and stuff. God bless you, Betsy! You continue to inspire me with your sweet spirit.