Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Weary Hunter

The Sisters 'Shades of Light' Designs
Did you ever dream that “Treasure Hunting and Selling” would be so much work? It seems that I am still catching up on my needed sleep reserve after Warrenton, Estate Sale, floor rebuilding, lampshade designing, plus Fredericksburg Trade Days, then had fun helping Kim Hughes of Bungalow set up her Country Living space.   

Warrenton Treasures that we sold

Ray, sweet hubby

Did I mention that I also have a hubby and keep my grand daughter once a week? Of course, no one wants to hear about my bemoaning or “wonder woman” syndrome. BUT, Want to see my cape?

The weeks since Texas Antique Week have been busy, but never too busy to uncover new places or to tromp through my local haunts for more “treasures “. Ray, aka hubby, shared a video of a gentleman in Texas that found a 1600’s Danish art work at his Goodwill, so I am always on the hunt for one of those. That alone is enough to rummage through the thrift stores and vintage dirt.
Lamps, Shades & Bigs!

A recent trip to Waco, took us through Marlin, where Hubby showed me his Grandmother Carter’s home and the streets that he played on as a young boy. It just so happened that I spotted several thrift stores, and Ray was gracious to indulge my fixation on “treasures”. Thirty minutes later we were loading up lamps, shades, and “smalls” (which I tell Betsy, my sister & partner, we have enough). There are times when power shopping is essential. Since we were in my Honda, it didn’t all fit, so we must return for the BIG “TREASURES”!
Only the Tangerine Tango Sofa is coming home
 Thinking of returning this weekend, and I am certain that across the street it read “AUCTION – MAY 5”. Also the proprietor stated there were a total of 2 or 3 estate sales this weekend! So I have been preparing, by getting plenty of rest, haircut scheduled for today and bank account balanced. I think that I am ready, Good Lord willing!  Blogging has also been work, so I am ready for a nap!


  1. You are superwoman, and I am amazed with all the things you gals take on! Can't wait to see superwomen in action at FTD this month. Miss spending time with you ladies ;) Very jealous of your sofa find... XOXO, Megan

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    2. There was a 60's dining table & chairs there that I thought about for you. Want to do a road trip?

  2. Elaine, great blog and I am very proud of you, Wonder Wonan, indeed! Love you, Betsy.

  3. Oh it is tiring (but the good kind of tiring)!

  4. Oh goodness, how were the sales!! That sounds like so much fun, I have not been out treasure hunting for so long! I love your lamp shades!