Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Junking at Fredericksburg Trade Days

I arrived at Trade Days a day early this month due to an appointment in Fredericksburg. The rains had everything really green, not to mention the mild temperatures we have had this winter, so upon arrival, I noted that Paul had been busy mowing the grounds. After opening the RV, sweeping out dog hair and putting things away, I took a quick walk about the area.

Near our building, Cottage 3, new construction was taking place. Also the Fudge Shop building has new owners, Willie & Betty Mund and they have added a front porch and new paint colors. Willie does leather tooling.

A little further down the way, I met new to me vendors from Northern Minnesota. They feature primitives, antiques and a nice collection of Coleman lanterns and other products. Cherry, the Rada Knife lady in Barn 3 gave me a quick tour of her booth improvements and their new RV. It is really a dream home! As I left Cherry, I continued down the last alley to see what new items Andy might have.

Andy had his grill going for supper and we enjoyed a short visit. He, also, had been busy mowing and trimming the grass from the recent rains. If you are in need of large metal letters, architectual or metal items, Andy has a great selection. As I headed back to our RV, I spotted Cindy sitting on her front porch. After casual greetings, I joined Cindy as we shared what is going on and how big God is. As Cindy and I talked we learned that we had both been in school food service prior to being vendors at Trade Days. Its a small world and you learn alot when you listen.

On the way back to the RV I stopped by Old Gold Cottage. Patti and Megan, mother and daughter, recently moved from Barn 4 to the cottage by Barn 1. They have become great friends, so I had to check out what was new. Once at the RV I signed on to the internet, checked emails, Face Book, played a few games and decided to blog.

I think that I failed to mention that you can also look for Sisters' Treasures by locating the 1954 Trotwood Camper on the north side of our building. This is the location of our Vintage Closet. We have some fun, vintage clothes for women, men and children!

This weekend, the weather should be mild, the vendors plentiful and the pickings outstanding.

Come join us on Friday & Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 9-4. The best place for pickings is here.


  1. What fun! Really great to learn about the Fredericksburg event. Have never been. Dallas was as close as we've gotten. Interesting to learn Mn dealers are there! Look forward to further reports.... Smiles

  2. The minute I saw that trailer of vintage clothing I had to become your newest follower. Come say hello some time, I can't wait to see what else you get up to.

  3. Hello Betsy, so nice to have met you this past weekend. Hope you enjoyed the MP show, wasn't it just spectacular. I was wondering if you could email me when you get a chance. I have a quick question. Thanks, Theresa (

  4. Oh what fun, I think arriving early sure has it's advantages. I love to see shows in other parts of the country, take tons of pictures!


  5. Hi!!! Glad you found us, yes I didnt get to love the birds on the urn for long. It sold at the very first sale after I got it from you. See you soon!!

  6. If you're heading to Fredericksburg Trade Days again, download the free Mobile App to help you shop & find vendors on a map. It's a great help!