Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Rusted Gingham Barn Sale

Elaine and I are going to do something new as Sisters' Treasures which is called The Rusted Gingham Barn sale We haven't met the great girls of Rusted Gingham in person, but through phone conversations and emails I feel like we already have become "antiquing" friends.
Based on the info from previous shows via their blog and facebook, I think this is going to be a pretty big show. (they moved it to the county show barn because of its increase in size so that says a lot).
There's some anticipation and nervousness about doing a show we're unfamiliar with, but at the same time, the challenge and opportunities to meet new people, make some sales, and probably buy lots of new "stuff" :) is exciting. It's this Saturday, Nov. 5th in Gonzales, Texas and we hope to bring a sampling of what makes up Sisters' Treasures.
You will find cowboy boots and vintage clothes, vintage linens and crafting items as well as some cool architectural pieces and

repurposed and vintage jewelry.

We hope to see you in Gonzales!
The Sisters!


  1. Good job, Sister! I will be stopping at Trade Days to pick up the boots. So we should be ready. I have the supply box nearly ready to load on the trailer. See you on Friday for set-up.

  2. Hey guys! I will be a vendor for the first time also and I am very excited! That box of brooches makes me HAPPY!!
    ~See You Soon
    aka Retreauxgirl

  3. I wish I had been!
    At least I know where else to find y'all every month, always so good to see you. :-)


  4. Wow, who wouldn't love that box of jewels? Looks like you sisters have a lot of fun together. Come by my blog. I have a vintage garland tutorial and giveaway. thanks, Cindy

  5. I had doing shows on my bucket list and I just found out today I got accepted as a vendor at a show called the Shabby Flea, it is one of the top 10 shows recommended by Romantic Homes Magazine...I have all the same feelings you do, I am so excited and nervous. I will blog about it. I Just realized, I think you are the lady that I should thank for all of my stuff being on Pinterest!!! Thank you sooo much! I started doing a little on Pinterest, but I found out it is bad manners to post my own projects...who knew! I am so excited to be your newest follower, drop back over and let me know if you are my Pinterest fairy and feel free to pin all you like! I have no secrets at the Polka Dot Closet and I am so excited to get ideas and tutorials out to as many ladies as I can!