Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sisters and Treasures

I can't think of anything more precious to me than my family and those I love. I'm the middle sister of three, plus we have a cool brother, Dennis. This post is about Sisters. Our vintage business of antique/junking started about five or six years ago (my bad that I don't remember exactly when!) with my older sister, Elaine and myself renting a small space in an antique mall in Brady, Texas. Our youngest sister, Arlene, isn't really into antiques but she appreciates that we do and more importantly loves to have fun, which is our main mantra with our business.
Each year we sisters have had a girls' vacation for a few days, usually at beach but last year we took our mom and went to the Big Easy, New Orleans.
We even got Arlene to join in our fun at Prom night and 70's night at our annual trip to Warrenton for Antiques week last fall.
Now, I got my creative sister to help in designing our new line of vintage repurposed jewelry with our first official piece this weekend. We combined two necklaces with pearls along with two bracelets to come up with "The Golden Pearl" necklace. What do you think?
Thank you, Sis for your creative talents! I love you!


  1. I have a new account so I hope this will post! You did another great job!

  2. I told my niece about prom night at Round Top. We were there on Saturday/Sunday, were you?

  3. By the way your post title... Sisters ARE treasures. I have two!