Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's "slip" Away

This past Saturday I was shopping for items for Sisters Treasures, and I bought a box of slips and a few camisoles at our Catholic Church rummage sale. As I was hand picking the slips I wanted, one of the ladies running the sale suggested I just make an offer on the entire box. I roughly counted them and offered $5. I ended up getting a total of forty, including a few camisoles, but most are vintage full and half slips probably going back to the fifties with the majority being from the 60s and 70s. There are lots with beautiful detailing of lace and netting.
This put me on a reminiscent road thinking of a time when ladies wouldn't be caught dead without wearing the proper under garments which always included a slip under a dress or skirt. I found some great old ads on the internet of slips from those bygone eras.

I feel I got a great deal for our shop, even if now, girls are wearing slips and camisoles as tops and dresses, they are still are fun.
Here is a sampling of what I bought. Do any of you still wear slips? (now I'm going to assume that the men reading this will say, "NO!" but in case I'm wrong I won't go down that road! ha!)

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